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[Character Name] Prince Philip
[Canon] Disney's Sleeping Beauty
[Point Taken from Canon] Post-movie
[Age] 21
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Hetero
[Eye Color]
[Hair Color] Brown
[Height] 5'10"

Once upon a story.

Philip is one of the original examples of 'Prince Charming.' He is kind, noble, and generous to a fault, with a sincere concern for his people and kingdom, but with a rather cheeky sense of humor to leaven his more serious side. As a young boy, he was an incurable mischief-maker whose stunts and pranks were a royal pain to not only the servants and nobles in his father's palace, but also the surrounding town! Yet as he grew older, the guilt from his younger exploits began to catch up to him and act as a goad, spurring him to become a better and more caring leader of his people.

Having been raised from birth to be the heir of his kingdom, Philip has had the best education the early 14th century could offer- and with his motivations to take advantage of it, he's done his best to take advantage. With long and vigorous years of training (and a couple chances to put said training to the test), he is confident in his abilities as a warrior and leader of men. Diplomacy is something he's left more to his father, but he can almost hold his own at a banquet or other such function... even if his 'old-fashioned' views of morality and noblesse oblige are a favorite topic for mockery by the young lordlings of the court. Their kind of thinking, seeing conspiracy in every corner, left its imprint on his thoughts; he remains a decent person out of force of will, striving to see the best in everyone unless given reason to believe otherwise. Philip endeavors to always find good in people.. Yet the only person he's never struggled to see the good in is Aurora. When you get right down to it, Aurora's innocence is what he loves best of all.

More than anything else, the red thread that stitches every part of his personality together is Princess Aurora. In my interpretation, Aurora and Philip's dreams have been linked together their entire lives, seeing each other in slumber off and on ever since her christening. While most children might not enjoy constantly hanging out with a child 5 years younger than they are, between Aurora's fairy-touched beauty and Maleficent's curse ('She shall be loved by all'), he never had a chance. He grew up loving her, seeing her as his fantasy ideal of the perfect girl, and striving to be worthy of her- even in his dream. And then when he found out she was real, and every bit as worth loving as he'd always imagined, Philip was bound and determined to marry her... Even at the cost of the throne. Not just because she was that wonderful, but because if he turned away from True Love, then he would no longer be fit to rule.

Even so, when Maleficent showed him that the love of his life and the duty to his cherished people were one and the same, it was an utterly unburdening relief... which made her taunting afterward strike all the crueler. He came close to despair, in that dungeon cell... But that was what the evil fairy WANTED, and he refused to give her the satisfaction. From that point on, all the self-styled 'Mistress of all Evil' was to him? Was an obstacle in his way. All his doubts had been resolved; step between him and Aurora, and it doesn't matter how big you get. He will do his level best to cut you DOWN.

Between childhood guilt, lifelong love, ingrained responsibility, and steadfast valor, he wound up being forged into the ideal fairy-tale prince... but love drove him onward above all.

Philip is a reasonably competent woodsman, his forest rides the favored way for him to get out from under the burden of courtly life for awhile. Exceptionally skilled in military theory and knightly combat, he can also dance well and sing elegantly, as well as read and write and do complex arithmetic. (Multiplication, however, is entirely beyond him.) He has a firm grasp of early 14th century European politics, protocol, and law, with a shaky grasp of history and battlefield medicine... and very little comprehension of science or magic.

Philip is a fairly open fellow who doesn't particularly mind being judged on his own merits, but even if he doesn't volunteer his status to strangers he remains thoroughly aware that he is a prince. So while he may be friendly and outgoing on the surface, there's a certain reserve to him past friendly conversation and he has a tendency to default to more formal speech under pressure.

[Fighting] I'm perfectly all right with fighting, but would prefer if it be kept casual and friendly. With shield and sword in hand, Philip is a formidable opponent with a battlefield philosophy toward combat, i.e. 'cut down the person in front of you and move on to the next one', and as I'd rather not have him be killed yet it would be unfair having him fight to kill others.

[Other Permissions] Mind reading is perfectly fine, mind influencing or control ask permission first, making 4th wall comments is just fine but please don't let him in on the joke. He likes being people instead of painted cels, and doesn't want to learn otherwise.

[Other Facts] Due to it not being invented yet, Philip has never had opportunity to find out about this inexplicable talent... but he can play the guitar like a mother-effing rock star. ;)
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